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No Supporting Evidence for Now

For now, I do not have any evidence to support my claims. So, all I’ve written so far, is best regarded as a conjecture. However, I’m working towards that. But I can’t say when I’ll be able to provide any. So, for the time being, just read them analytically.

How I Get My Facts

You can simply say, I play around in my head, and roll out jargon to juggle your mind. Or you can say, I simply look at Life then copy and paste. Better still you can say, Life is deep but we can search it out by trying. I do all of the above. But I’ll prefer to say, I get my facts by keying into my mind, then running simple analysis - questions and possible answers, then I listen or pay attention thow my intuition responds. Sometimes there’s a conversation, sometimes there're just pointers. Reaching an agreement with my intuition validates an hypothesis (for me). But that doesn't imply the end of a reasoning or disregard for someone else's disagreement. Life is progressive and I'm not the only one capable of worthwhile contribution.

How to Read my Blogs

I've come to realize that the best way to read posts from my blogs is to start from the oldest. To do this, once you get to the blog’s site just go to archive. 
The archive is arranged from the oldest posts. The archive is on a sidebar (on desktop view); on mobile view, it should be below post(s). Though in some mobile view (as I've observed), the archive might not be functional. In such case, you can just use the older post icon/arrow; this is below post(s).
I believe, following this pattern will help your understanding of the contents written.
Update: I've included an appendix page to most of my blogs. So just click the drop down menu or content menu and select appendix. The first post of the blog comes first on the list. 
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